1. What does the Go'Butter shea butter moisturizer help with? 

Our shea butter moisturizer helps with restoring the skins moisture, clears the skin of excess oil, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, protect skin cells, skin cell and tissue repair, shields wounds during their healing process, treats acne, treats dry skin, has anti-aging agents. 

2. How to use the Go'Butter Shea Butter moisturizer?

This moisturizer can be used in a variety of ways. This handmade butter can be applied on the body and face. You can use it during the day and night. It serves as a great lightweight moisturizer for after you wash your face as well. This product being handmade, whipped, and easily spreadable; when applying it you will only need a small amount for your targeted area. The tip of your pinky should be just enough. 


3. Can you return items? 

Due to sensitivity, cleanliness and sanitation; our products can not be returned, unless upon receiving the product there was an issue with it being opened, cracked, or not the product in which you ordered. 

If there is an issue with your order PLEASE email us as soon as possible at Gobutter312@gmail.com

4. How often to use the Go'Butter Cosmetic sugar exfoliate?

All sugar exfoliates should only be used once or twice a week!